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The National Tuberculosis Hospital

  • Phone: +268 25 055 838
  • Address: Moneneni Next To Gumtree Garage, Opposite Tisuka Houses, Manzini, Eswatini
  • Fax: +268 25 055 838
  • Email: nationaltbhospital@swazi.net

About Us: The National TB Hospital is a national hospital specialize in Drug Resistant TB (DR-TB), Located in Manzini region ,at Moneneni next to Gumtree garage,opposite Tisuka houses. Hospital started operating 2009 is a 100 bed hospital with staff compliment of 165 and it services the whole country, patients management is both in and out patient bases.Majority of patients are managed as out patient.Treatment duration is 18-24 months.

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