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Eswatini Stock Exchange - ESE

  • Phone: Tel: +26824068128 / 8243
  • Address: Ingcamu (pspf) Building 3rd Floor East Wing, Mhlambanyatsi Road, Mbabane, Eswatini
  • Fax: +26824047930
  • Email: sihlet@ese.co.sz
  • Website: www.ese.co.sz

About Us: Whether a company is prospering or facing difficulties, or whether you want to expand or replace obsolete equipment, the need for long term financing is critical. One way of obtaining such funds is to go public on the Eswatini Stock Exchange (ESE). ESE provides an opportunity to companies by offering a platform where companies can raise significant long term capital for their normal operations and for implementation of long term projects. Raising capital through the ESE gives your company access to the multitude of investors looking for investment avenues.

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