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Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology

  • Phone: +268 2422 0532
  • Address: 1117 Sidwashini North , Mr3 Highway , Corner Of Fomhlolo Avenue , Mbabane , Swailand , Eswatini
  • Email: seneme.dlamini@limkokwing.ac.sz
  • Website: www.limkokwing.net

About Us: A Global Transformation We are committed towards creating a new class of global graduates with the knowledge, skills, and cultural sensitivity to make the world a better place. We want our graduates to be able to use their creative and innovative abilities to develop new streams for wealth creation and new initiatives for societal advancement. We want our graduates to be able to bridge the development gap that is preventing their countries from profiting from the global economic progress. We want our graduates to be able to lift their communities to new levels of economic growth by applying creativity and innovation to solve local issues

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